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Our platform is completely customized to your team's workflow.

Your productivity will soar. All-in-one systems require either extensive training, or a tech-savvy web desk. Your team should be able to focus exclusively on publishing great content. After all, that is what you do great.

The publishing world is fast moving. You don't need a ton of different features that require extensive training before someone can jump in and start working in the newsroom. You need a logical/focused set of tools that do exactly what is needed.

Modular Our platform is built to be modular, which is how you get exactly what you need and nothing you don't. We are an agile development team, and it shows in our code.

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We are a leader in Open Source technology

Pub is our core project. This is the full suite of tools your publication has to choose from. You might need everything, from complex page-building or an IDE for your dev team to work with to something simple. The first step is to meet with us, and we'll get to know how you work. After that, we'll set up a phased approach, and build the application of your dreams.


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